When smart phones were introduced years ago. It was designed and meant for business people. Now teenagers have gone wild over smartphones and messangers. Smartphone’s aren’t what they are meant to be. They are social accessories for any hip teenager. So now the scenario has been changed. It becomes primary need for all aged persons. This happens due to the innovation of some useful applications. KakaoTalk is also one of the more useful apps with teenagers..

There are many smartphones like blackberry, iPhone, Windows, Android and many more. However, as per report said Android has covered vast market of the smartphones. This due to its compatibility to many applications. Something Google bought very quickly as they saw the potential in the operating system.

This phone system has covered vast market of the youngsters. It has become most valuable and favorable operating system. With applications like KakaoTalk for Android. In previous posts we have been familiar with the large range of benefits offered by KakaoTalk Messenger and these benefits are in base for making these apps more acceptable. Benefits like social media and how we think it changed the mobile messenger. Have a look at the links.

Teenagers are the main pillar of running social media, am I right? Due to that they always in need of something which is free, cheap and still valuable for communication. Never mind the cost saving of parent in the world. Communication is core function of any teenagers life. They have played key roles to generate the widely acceptable messenger market like in the case of KakaoTalk and Android.

KakaoTalk now sends out 1 million messages free per day, how may do you think is sent by people under the age of 17? Luckily there are no charges if your chat to  someone overseas. Free download is another standard feature of any app these days.

This then by the start of everything has all the base features that any teenager wants. KakoTalk further more has all the features that satisfies the core social functions of today’s youngsters. my kids would rather not eat than give up their mobile phones.

So, all these features are always “in-demand” of any youngster. That’s why KakaoTalk Messenger becomes the first choice of just about any youngster these days. Teenagers first choice always is free and then cheap. KakaoTalk Messenger as said does this.

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