What Makes KakaoTalk better than other free messenger smartphone applications? Well for one it is more compatible with different smartphones when any other application out there. Viber is remarkably close, but we think KakoTalk is still better.

Today smart phones are as valuable as tooth paste. You can go without it, but it is just not the same. Smartphones you can do a whole lot more than with normal telco phones, but one feature of any telco phone is it is compatible with any other telco phone. Now one might argue that you can call any other Smartphone with your make and model. Yes one may argue, but we are looking into the platform compatibility today.

One of the major issues on mobile phones these days, is that there are various derivatives of operating systems. This means there are loads of smartphone operating systems. Which make selecting the right application for your needs, so much more difficult. Luckily to improve mobile phone applications has become so much easier. Than let’s say developing applications for computers.

KakaoTalk has developed it’s agent software to no less than 5 phone platform compatibility. Namely it is compatible with iPhones, Samsung Phones not running Android, all versions of Blackberry devices, Windows Phones and any phone operating with Android 2.1 and later.

KakaoTalk is a great alternative for other messenger applications. Common compitition for KakaoTalks is iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, GTalk, Viber. Just because of its platform compatibility, to other makes and models of mobile phones. There is other messenger applications for mobile phones that make sharing a recorded voice message, images, music just as well as Kakao does. Alas not many of these applications are, Free or as compatible with other mobile phones as this one is.

Other compatibility issues are amost none to speak of. So if you have a smarthpone and you have friends with other smartphones. You might have the need for a application that is more compatible with other makes of smarphones than KakaoTalk free messenger. Have a look at our top navigation bar on more options and information on the specific mobile phone you might have. iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Androind and Windows Phone 7. You can message them all.


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