KakaoTalk for iPhone. Have you seen a better mobile phone application?

South Korean company Kakao launched KakaoTalk for iPhone together with Android, BlackBerry and Sumsung devices. KakaoTalk for iPhone is a free app to download from the iTunes store. Not only can you send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice messages, URL links, and contact information. KakaoTalk iPhone, also now enables it’s users to call one another free. This is used using an Internet connection and Kakao reccomens a good WiFi connection.

KakaoTalk for IPhone

Saving Money With KakaoTalk iPhone

It is not such a huge obstacle installing KakaoTalk iPhone as it is inexpensive and available on most smartphones such as Blackberry, Android and most Samsung versions. What is amazing about the KakaoTalk Messenger, is that you can also attach video and audio notes to make life so much easier in getting your message across to your friends.

Don’t you just find it annoying having to pay outrageous costs for sending text messages using your iPhone? Have you ever considered using KakaoTalk iPhone which is a very useful alternative to texting? The only requirement with this KakaoTalk Messenger service is that your friends need to have it installed as well. KakaoTalk boasts currently over 45 Million Users, with the bulk of them coming from Korea.

Let us just consider the cost of texting for a minute. In the US, it can cost you about 20 cents a message. This ammounts to billions of dallars spent on text messeges. now you can multiply that on your iPhone when recieving MMS, voise or images. With Kakao Talk on yout iPhone that is all free. It might not sound like much, until you start doing the math’s. That is when you realize it is robbery in my opnion.

KakaoTalk iPhone Compatible Devices:

  • iPhone 2 / 3  (iOS 3.1)
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod touch (WiFi)
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 2 NEW