Last week we had a look at that free messengers mean to teenagers. You can check out the post here. Now we think we might have chased some business users away. Today I am focusing on how you can use KakaoTalk in your everyday business environment.

Here on, we have had various blog posts about the social aspect of KakoTalk and the cool free chatting and hip and happening things. So this is unfair to KakaoTalk it is not only a social kiddies tool. It is just a good business tool.

Where can KakaoTalk be implemented in business?

Well with free messenger applications, it is really not that hard to find a place for Kakao to fit in.

  1. Customer Care / Support : Just recently we implemented a small system for a company, for their customer service base. It was a small ECommerce store and being financially tight. SMS messages were not the way to go.
  2. Sales / Marketing: Now that we had the customers phone members we could add them to our contacts list and use KakaoTalk for marketing and driving more sales.
  3. Research / Development : Another way of using KakaoTalk for business purposes is for research and have your office do the leg work. If you are traveling overseas and have a message to say, you can send recorded voice messages. Voice notes are brilliant for on the spot recording of what you need done. Or something you want to do.
  4. Meetings : Sometimes, and this might not be so ideal. You need to setup a meeting between a few people. Now you might be in a scenario where not all people can attend. Some might be traveling, or just not now where near a boardroom. This is where the KakoTalk Group chat can get handy.
  5. Green Business : Now let’s say you have an urgent memo that need to go out. KakaoTalk allows business users to send out all sorts of media files. You can easily send or receive a memo on your phone.  Now no more need for printing and posting the notes. 100% green in sending electronic documents.

As a conclusion KakaoTalk and some of the applications competitors do have more than a place in business. Just where can you make free messaging applications work for you?

So we have discussed 5 methods of using KakaoTalk for business use. You can now see messenger applications is not just there for your kids to sit around and chat. It can very easily be used for business purposes, gaining sales, customer care and more.

If you have another idea of how to use KakaoTalk let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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