The launch of KakaoTalk on the Windows Phone platform,  windows phone users, haven’t realized some of the benefits of this great app on their windows phones. Here, is our review on the recently released KakaoTalk for Windows Phones.


Many of the most well known messaging application services that have hit the market KakaoTalk for Windows Phone. It  is not only for the Windows Phone platform applicable; however, it works for most major models of  smart phones such as BlackBerry and iPhone and more. The service provides endless international messaging, with the choice to deliver text or voice. Let us take a look at KakaoTalk for Windows Phone and see if it lives up to its name.


It’s too expensive, if anyone is reading this. With smartphone and application development growth in modern times.  We need to look into alternatives of SMS messaging.  Smartphone  Messaging applications like this one for Windows phone, have a few advantages over conventional SMS. One of these is people cant say what they need to   say with limited characters.  They need the capability to send longer text messages. Other than that we are all looking for free messaging like with KakaoTalk. Here, is an article on is KakaoTalk Free and how much does it really cost. However, all these listed is true for the KakaoTalk Windows Phone application, which is more than just messaging platform.


SMS messages are just too expensive. With regards to value, Smartphone apps like this are pretty much free to use just like KakaoTalk. Developers of this advanced application have designed many functions. This gives a fresh perspective on how text messengers should work. This Windows Phone app allows its users to send and receive text messages, and other types of multimedia files. Typical files like basic MMS, video clips, mp3 files. You can also send out your location to your contacts.


KakaoTalk Windows Phone doesn’t have very numerous flaws to argue  Overall, the app does well on any windows phone. Technically it’s the best as older phones like the blackberry is struggling with never versions on their own operating systems. The installation of Kakaotalk onto your Windows phone is nearly flawless

One of the Tests we did was with battery life. This is a huge issue with mobile app developers these days. We found that using KakaoTalk the battery life exceeded the life of when we were testing WhatsApp. We found out this is because KakoTalk doesnt send out pings as often as other applications do. This saves battery life.  To it was a great plus. On the other hand, who cares about battery life these days. We all are sitting with a mountain of applications on our phones. All and most of them useless really. Just for entertainment.

Well to come to a conclusion. We give this App a 4/5. Just like all the other versions of it. We would really like to see them, working on the sound quality on voice calls. Then some proper english in some of their help files and forum.


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