The fact is, I am responsible for at least 60 downloads. KakaoTalk has been downloaded no less than 10 000 000 times. Well that is a hefty number. Now why would people download and install KakaoTalk so much. Well it is not just the count you should consider it is also the amount of times the same users has installed the application.

We have had a few blog posts about how great it is, what features does KaKaoTalk have. How this neat application fits into our social lives and how it fits into our professional lives. Have a look at the links to read more about it.

Now I am doing a diary of yesterday and show you how KakaoTalk Messenger has changed my life, for the better I think.

Today is July 19th 2012

  • 6am – 8am. Alarm goes off. Get up and start shouting at the kids to get out of bed. Make my daily cup of coffee. While I am waiting for the kettle, I check my phone for any messages. I run a few websites so my business is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. I have a few KakaoTalk Messages and one media file. It’s only a memo on a new article for the website a friend of mine has written.
  • 8am – 10am. While I am waiting for the kids to load themselves into the car I check my Kakao Messages again. my wife has reminded me the kids have soccer practice and that Julie (my oldest daughter) needs some stationary from the store. On the way to school I stop by the store and pick up the things she needs. On my way to the office Julie sends me a message to say she forgot something in the car. Well 5 minutes later I am back on schedule.
  • 10am – 2pm. The rest of the day goes without a hitch. I check my messages every so often and chat to a few of our visitors on Kakao-Talk-net. My wife reminds me I need to pick up Julie from school and Josh is still at soccer practice after school. The Office is closer to the school than the house. So I bring Julie to the office instead. as a 9 year old does. She doesn’t use the internet to do her homework. She uses KakaoTalk. It seems like the kids are getting darn smart. The constantly messaging away on questions and answers. She asked me something once. I didn’t realize it at the time. but I sent a Kakao Message to my wife asking for her assistance.
  • 4pm – 6pm.  I leave the office to pick up Josh and head home. I get home around 5pm and start making dinner. Yes I do it. my wife is the real worker in our household. (As I am typing this – I made a voice note and sent it to our developer on a project idea – Write a program on sending my wife recipes using KakaoTalk).

We have a good dinner and send the children to clean themselves. During this time I’ve had a few messages and sent a few replies to work people and fans of the site. I’ve had some work come in for this website and for a few of my others.

  • 8pm – 10pm. Time to call it a day. I log onto my PC check a few emails. Send some larger files not suited for KakaoTalk. Check the website and make sure all you folks are still happy.

Stats of the day:

  • KakaoTalk Text messages sent – 56
  • KakaoTalk Text messages recieved – 98
  • Notes Received – 2
  • Voice Notes Sent – 1

If this was SMS that would have cost me a fortune. Well now you can see how this free messenger application for smartphones KakaoTalk changed my life. this is a great applications just like other out there. If you likes my diary feel free to share it. Maybe even tweet it. Your social interaction is most welcome, and is a crucial part of this website’s success.

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