Now you need to explain what does Free mean? But essentially WhatsApp is free. We will go one here is where and how KakoTalk and the usage of the app might cost you money.

We will look at KakoTalk Free from two perspectives, one is cost out of your pocket and the other costs to the KakoTalk Messenger Application.

What Does Kakao Messenger Cost?

This is meant by how much does it kost to download it.

1. The Application costs are as follow:

  • KakaoTalk for iPhone is also free, unlike WhatsApp


Now that you have come over the shock of having to pay nothing. Or have you paid nothing? Well you have. The data uses to download KakaoTalk onto your smartphone costs money. one way of looking at it. Is that you allready pay for your internet at home. or whereever you downloaded it from. But still that cost money. So it is now free, it just doesnt cost exstra. lets have a look where it costs money our of your pocker. .

2. Data or Mobile Costs:

On Pre-paid or contract phones you don’t need a Internet plan. But it is highly reccomended with KakoTalk.

  • So assuming you don’t have a data plan this will cost you money
  • If you don’t have a data plan then using whatsapp will get you data usage costs. This will be billed by your cell phone provider and not by KakoTalk.
  • If you have an incompatible phone you will need to get a compatible phone what works with KakoTalk. Luckily these days you are spoilt for choice.

As you can see it does cost money, it might not cost you extra money and the safest thing about KakaoTalk is. Your arms and legs are safe using this messenger application.

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