KakaoTalk Download is the best thing about having a mobile phone.  It is that you can stay connected with those people around you. Today’s modern technology has paved a way for many mobile phone users to be able to connect without spending too much on their carriers by using messengers that would work on a plan without additional fees such as KakaoTalk. Stay connected by sending text messeges, voice notes, contacts and free calls.

Below is a list of the official download links. Please feel free to use them to download a must have app on any cell phone today. Downloads are available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Samsung Bada and newly launched Windows Phone. We dont host any of the software. All of the links provided are from the official software vendors.

Please selct a download link from below to download this great messaging app to your compatible phone.

Download KakaoTalk  Links:

Apple iPhone 4s Samsung S3 NEW BlackBerry Bold
Download KakaoTalk for iPhone Download KakaoTalk for Android Download KakaoTalk for BlackBerry


Samsung Wave with Bada Windows Phone
Download KakaoTalk for Samsung Download Kakao for Windows Phone (7.5) (8.0)

Why Download KakaoTalk ?

Take instant messaging to the next level by using KakaoTalk Messenger application. This new application is a great way to keep in touch whether you are a chatterbox and talk to a lot of people or whether you are a bit of a loner and talk to a fair few. This new application allows you to connect with friends and family no matter what language you speak because it supports up to twelve different languages. You can send multimedia files such as pictures and video’s and you can make free calls using voice notes. If you need to export or import friends list the application can do that and you have an unlimited amount of contacts in group chats.

You don’t need to log in every time and you don’t need to register because it only uses your cell phone number so even if you change your smart phone you will have the same contacts if you use the same cell phone number. It is easy to download and it is easier to use, making it user friendly. It doesn’t charge any extra data costs if you have a service data plan, which is why over thirty million users are using the messaging application and the amount is rising daily. Do yourself a favor and download the application today, whether you go straight to the website or use the application store on your smart phone device. You are not in the “in crowd” until you have  Messenger on your device!