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How KakaoTalk Changed Me

The fact is, I am responsible for at least 60 downloads. KakaoTalk has been downloaded no less than 10 000 000 times. Well that is a hefty number. Now why would people download and install KakaoTalk so much. Well it is not just the count you should consider it is also the amount of times the same users has installed the application.

We have had a few blog posts about how great it is, what features does KaKaoTalk have. How this neat application fits into our social lives and how it fits into our professional lives. Have a look at the links to read more about it.

Now I am doing a diary of yesterday and show you how KakaoTalk Messenger has changed my life, for the better I think.

Today is July 19th 2012

  • 6am – 8am. Alarm goes off. Get up and start shouting at the kids to get out of bed. Make my daily cup of coffee. While I am waiting for the kettle, I check my phone for any messages. I run a few websites so my business is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. I have a few KakaoTalk Messages and one media file. It’s only a memo on a new article for the website a friend of mine has written.
  • 8am – 10am. While I am waiting for the kids to load themselves into the car I check my Kakao Messages again. my wife has reminded me the kids have soccer practice and that Julie (my oldest daughter) needs some stationary from the store. On the way to school I stop by the store and pick up the things she needs. On my way to the office Julie sends me a message to say she forgot something in the car. Well 5 minutes later I am back on schedule.
  • 10am – 2pm. The rest of the day goes without a hitch. I check my messages every so often and chat to a few of our visitors on Kakao-Talk-net. My wife reminds me I need to pick up Julie from school and Josh is still at soccer practice after school. The Office is closer to the school than the house. So I bring Julie to the office instead. as a 9 year old does. She doesn’t use the internet to do her homework. She uses KakaoTalk. It seems like the kids are getting darn smart. The constantly messaging away on questions and answers. She asked me something once. I didn’t realize it at the time. but I sent a Kakao Message to my wife asking for her assistance.
  • 4pm – 6pm.  I leave the office to pick up Josh and head home. I get home around 5pm and start making dinner. Yes I do it. my wife is the real worker in our household. (As I am typing this – I made a voice note and sent it to our developer on a project idea – Write a program on sending my wife recipes using KakaoTalk).

We have a good dinner and send the children to clean themselves. During this time I’ve had a few messages and sent a few replies to work people and fans of the site. I’ve had some work come in for this website and for a few of my others.

  • 8pm – 10pm. Time to call it a day. I log onto my PC check a few emails. Send some larger files not suited for KakaoTalk. Check the website and make sure all you folks are still happy.

Stats of the day:

  • KakaoTalk Text messages sent – 56
  • KakaoTalk Text messages recieved – 98
  • Notes Received – 2
  • Voice Notes Sent – 1

If this was SMS that would have cost me a fortune. Well now you can see how this free messenger application for smartphones KakaoTalk changed my life. this is a great applications just like other out there. If you likes my diary feel free to share it. Maybe even tweet it. Your social interaction is most welcome, and is a crucial part of this website’s success.

KakaoTalk in the Business environment.

Last week we had a look at that free messengers mean to teenagers. You can check out the post here. Now we think we might have chased some business users away. Today I am focusing on how you can use KakaoTalk in your everyday business environment.

Here on, we have had various blog posts about the social aspect of KakoTalk and the cool free chatting and hip and happening things. So this is unfair to KakaoTalk it is not only a social kiddies tool. It is just a good business tool.

Where can KakaoTalk be implemented in business?

Well with free messenger applications, it is really not that hard to find a place for Kakao to fit in.

  1. Customer Care / Support : Just recently we implemented a small system for a company, for their customer service base. It was a small ECommerce store and being financially tight. SMS messages were not the way to go.
  2. Sales / Marketing: Now that we had the customers phone members we could add them to our contacts list and use KakaoTalk for marketing and driving more sales.
  3. Research / Development : Another way of using KakaoTalk for business purposes is for research and have your office do the leg work. If you are traveling overseas and have a message to say, you can send recorded voice messages. Voice notes are brilliant for on the spot recording of what you need done. Or something you want to do.
  4. Meetings : Sometimes, and this might not be so ideal. You need to setup a meeting between a few people. Now you might be in a scenario where not all people can attend. Some might be traveling, or just not now where near a boardroom. This is where the KakoTalk Group chat can get handy.
  5. Green Business : Now let’s say you have an urgent memo that need to go out. KakaoTalk allows business users to send out all sorts of media files. You can easily send or receive a memo on your phone.  Now no more need for printing and posting the notes. 100% green in sending electronic documents.

As a conclusion KakaoTalk and some of the applications competitors do have more than a place in business. Just where can you make free messaging applications work for you?

So we have discussed 5 methods of using KakaoTalk for business use. You can now see messenger applications is not just there for your kids to sit around and chat. It can very easily be used for business purposes, gaining sales, customer care and more.

If you have another idea of how to use KakaoTalk let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Kakaotalk Platform Compatibility

What Makes KakaoTalk better than other free messenger smartphone applications? Well for one it is more compatible with different smartphones when any other application out there. Viber is remarkably close, but we think KakoTalk is still better.

Today smart phones are as valuable as tooth paste. You can go without it, but it is just not the same. Smartphones you can do a whole lot more than with normal telco phones, but one feature of any telco phone is it is compatible with any other telco phone. Now one might argue that you can call any other Smartphone with your make and model. Yes one may argue, but we are looking into the platform compatibility today.

One of the major issues on mobile phones these days, is that there are various derivatives of operating systems. This means there are loads of smartphone operating systems. Which make selecting the right application for your needs, so much more difficult. Luckily to improve mobile phone applications has become so much easier. Than let’s say developing applications for computers.

KakaoTalk has developed it’s agent software to no less than 5 phone platform compatibility. Namely it is compatible with iPhones, Samsung Phones not running Android, all versions of Blackberry devices, Windows Phones and any phone operating with Android 2.1 and later.

KakaoTalk is a great alternative for other messenger applications. Common compitition for KakaoTalks is iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, GTalk, Viber. Just because of its platform compatibility, to other makes and models of mobile phones. There is other messenger applications for mobile phones that make sharing a recorded voice message, images, music just as well as Kakao does. Alas not many of these applications are, Free or as compatible with other mobile phones as this one is.

Other compatibility issues are amost none to speak of. So if you have a smarthpone and you have friends with other smartphones. You might have the need for a application that is more compatible with other makes of smarphones than KakaoTalk free messenger. Have a look at our top navigation bar on more options and information on the specific mobile phone you might have. iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Androind and Windows Phone 7. You can message them all.


KakaoTalk for Windows Phone Review

The launch of KakaoTalk on the Windows Phone platform,  windows phone users, haven’t realized some of the benefits of this great app on their windows phones. Here, is our review on the recently released KakaoTalk for Windows Phones.


Many of the most well known messaging application services that have hit the market KakaoTalk for Windows Phone. It  is not only for the Windows Phone platform applicable; however, it works for most major models of  smart phones such as BlackBerry and iPhone and more. The service provides endless international messaging, with the choice to deliver text or voice. Let us take a look at KakaoTalk for Windows Phone and see if it lives up to its name.


It’s too expensive, if anyone is reading this. With smartphone and application development growth in modern times.  We need to look into alternatives of SMS messaging.  Smartphone  Messaging applications like this one for Windows phone, have a few advantages over conventional SMS. One of these is people cant say what they need to   say with limited characters.  They need the capability to send longer text messages. Other than that we are all looking for free messaging like with KakaoTalk. Here, is an article on is KakaoTalk Free and how much does it really cost. However, all these listed is true for the KakaoTalk Windows Phone application, which is more than just messaging platform.


SMS messages are just too expensive. With regards to value, Smartphone apps like this are pretty much free to use just like KakaoTalk. Developers of this advanced application have designed many functions. This gives a fresh perspective on how text messengers should work. This Windows Phone app allows its users to send and receive text messages, and other types of multimedia files. Typical files like basic MMS, video clips, mp3 files. You can also send out your location to your contacts.


KakaoTalk Windows Phone doesn’t have very numerous flaws to argue  Overall, the app does well on any windows phone. Technically it’s the best as older phones like the blackberry is struggling with never versions on their own operating systems. The installation of Kakaotalk onto your Windows phone is nearly flawless

One of the Tests we did was with battery life. This is a huge issue with mobile app developers these days. We found that using KakaoTalk the battery life exceeded the life of when we were testing WhatsApp. We found out this is because KakoTalk doesnt send out pings as often as other applications do. This saves battery life.  To it was a great plus. On the other hand, who cares about battery life these days. We all are sitting with a mountain of applications on our phones. All and most of them useless really. Just for entertainment.

Well to come to a conclusion. We give this App a 4/5. Just like all the other versions of it. We would really like to see them, working on the sound quality on voice calls. Then some proper english in some of their help files and forum.


Teenagers Gone Wild – With KakoTalk

When smart phones were introduced years ago. It was designed and meant for business people. Now teenagers have gone wild over smartphones and messangers. Smartphone’s aren’t what they are meant to be. They are social accessories for any hip teenager. So now the scenario has been changed. It becomes primary need for all aged persons. This happens due to the innovation of some useful applications. KakaoTalk is also one of the more useful apps with teenagers..

There are many smartphones like blackberry, iPhone, Windows, Android and many more. However, as per report said Android has covered vast market of the smartphones. This due to its compatibility to many applications. Something Google bought very quickly as they saw the potential in the operating system.

This phone system has covered vast market of the youngsters. It has become most valuable and favorable operating system. With applications like KakaoTalk for Android. In previous posts we have been familiar with the large range of benefits offered by KakaoTalk Messenger and these benefits are in base for making these apps more acceptable. Benefits like social media and how we think it changed the mobile messenger. Have a look at the links.

Teenagers are the main pillar of running social media, am I right? Due to that they always in need of something which is free, cheap and still valuable for communication. Never mind the cost saving of parent in the world. Communication is core function of any teenagers life. They have played key roles to generate the widely acceptable messenger market like in the case of KakaoTalk and Android.

KakaoTalk now sends out 1 million messages free per day, how may do you think is sent by people under the age of 17? Luckily there are no charges if your chat to  someone overseas. Free download is another standard feature of any app these days.

This then by the start of everything has all the base features that any teenager wants. KakoTalk further more has all the features that satisfies the core social functions of today’s youngsters. my kids would rather not eat than give up their mobile phones.

So, all these features are always “in-demand” of any youngster. That’s why KakaoTalk Messenger becomes the first choice of just about any youngster these days. Teenagers first choice always is free and then cheap. KakaoTalk Messenger as said does this.

Send us your suggestions they are most welcome. Please tweet and like this page…it’s also free.

KakaoTalk Messenger in Social Media

Today we are living in very fast life and fast paced digital age. We are often  not getting enough time to talk to our close family and friends, are we? .This is where we can use our mobile phone and messenger applications, help us stay in touch. With apps like KakaoTalk Messenger and WhatsApp it is very common for people to use it as a normal communication method. We can’t dismiss the fact that social media and messenger applications are needed in our everyday social life.

Some messengers aren’t always so practical. KakoTalk is multiplatform compatible so either you are using an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone, you are able to download KakaoTalk. This application is covered large areas and countries of its users in today’s market. Now that you have the app, any person with a compatible device with Kakao on it can now chat and communicate with you.

It is very different from other communication platforms such as Skype, yahoo or Gtalk. There are a few social aspects in this messenger. We can use it via Wi-Fi connection as well as 3G and other internet connections. Where Wi-Fi is the most popular in today’s digital age. KakaoTalk reviews stands with bunch of advantages and that’s the main reason of its popularity.

Nowadays, youngsters as well as businesses persons are using it for communication as it lets you communicate and share not only with text but voice, image and locations too. This all free of charge.

Social media is making yourself aware surrounding activities. if they are your own or someone else’s.  Irrespective of geographical distance or better yet you can socially engage with people you have never met before. KakaoTalk has played very significant role in this.

So, now you can understand that how this application plays significant role in social media. It is great for all who need to chit chat, sharing of your feelings, business sharing and many more.

KakaoTalk messenger team’s is working to fix small reported bugs in thus by allowing more flexibility in our social life. It is the great platform for all who living in different countries and missing their loved ones. This application is total cost free if you are sharing your message, images, voice and many more to you chat partner who in different country. There are no any charges for communication.

KakaoTalk you have many messages? You want to keep some of them? well not only is Kakao Talk Free chat and Free Call application. For all the people who are interested to communicate with their friends and families. This free messenger application it is one of  most popular asian apps that has created a place for itself in business world as well.

Give me an answer that how many of are you aware of KakaoTalk feature called “Export Messages”? Most of us definitely knows about it; however, still there are few people they know about it but don’t know how to use it, am I right?

The Export Messages This feature is really valuable in terms when you are looking forward to save all your chats. Under this advantage of KakaoTalk, one can easily email your previous conversations to friends in your contact list or to yourself.

Backing up KakaoTalk Chats and Files

Following is the step by step process to mail your chat history:

In Short: Go to “Background/Chat Settings” under “Settings” and press “Export Messages”. Here, you can choose to send text messages only or all messages including multimedia.

  • Step 1: Need to open your KakaoTalk App
  • Step 2: The Go to Background
  • Step 3: Select Chat Settings
  • Step 4: Under the selections “settings” there will be a tab “Export Messages”.
  • Step 5: Choose text messages from anyone or all text messages. You can also send your multimedia files.
  • Step 6: Now select the appropriate method of sending your “backup”

TIP: for who that has a multi media card in your mobile phone. Copy the information to there. then connect it to your PC for safe keeping.

Once, you click on send button your chat history will be email.

So, this is an easiest step by step process for emailing your chat history.

The main reason why you want to backup some of your messages is to free up space. many of us these days receive multimedia images and video clips all the time. these things stay hot for a while. The at some point they are not useful anymore. So now it’s time to back them up. As some of us, like me, don’t want to delete nothing ever.

In recent years a friend of mine use the chat history of his ex-wife to prove to the courts she was unfaithful. This is a sad story but if it wasn’t for his KakaoTalk messenger backups. things would have been a lot different.

Now that you know how to share this post or just like it on facebook.

How Free is KakaoTalk?

Now you need to explain what does Free mean? But essentially WhatsApp is free. We will go one here is where and how KakoTalk and the usage of the app might cost you money.

We will look at KakoTalk Free from two perspectives, one is cost out of your pocket and the other costs to the KakoTalk Messenger Application.

What Does Kakao Messenger Cost?

This is meant by how much does it kost to download it.

1. The Application costs are as follow:

  • KakaoTalk for iPhone is also free, unlike WhatsApp


Now that you have come over the shock of having to pay nothing. Or have you paid nothing? Well you have. The data uses to download KakaoTalk onto your smartphone costs money. one way of looking at it. Is that you allready pay for your internet at home. or whereever you downloaded it from. But still that cost money. So it is now free, it just doesnt cost exstra. lets have a look where it costs money our of your pocker. .

2. Data or Mobile Costs:

On Pre-paid or contract phones you don’t need a Internet plan. But it is highly reccomended with KakoTalk.

  • So assuming you don’t have a data plan this will cost you money
  • If you don’t have a data plan then using whatsapp will get you data usage costs. This will be billed by your cell phone provider and not by KakoTalk.
  • If you have an incompatible phone you will need to get a compatible phone what works with KakoTalk. Luckily these days you are spoilt for choice.

As you can see it does cost money, it might not cost you extra money and the safest thing about KakaoTalk is. Your arms and legs are safe using this messenger application.

If you need any other explanations on this topic please post a comment, if this resolved an issue you had please share, twee or Google + this post.

Mobile Messenger Reinvented – KakoTalk

For too long have mobile application developers focused on one thing. Free messaging. But there is more to any Mobile Messenger App. We were all familiar with messenger apps line like Yahoo!, Gtalk, Skype and WhatsApp. However, KakaoTalk reinvented the word “Mobile Messenger”.

In normal software launched. A lot of money gets spent on the marketing. But today it is different. Kakao Talk didn’t spend much money on advertising. In the case of KakaoTalk it  was very little. Still today it is considered as one of the favorite as well as leading mobile  messenger apps. The reason for this is they have a great app. This allowed people to do viral marketing for them.

There are many features of KakaoTalk or and specifications introduced by this app, which made it such popular in many counties. If we look at social addicts like teenagers, and mid 20′s. All are happy with KakaoTalk for Android. Definitely, purpose for each community is different for using this mobile messenger. i.e. teenage for chit-chat, mid 20′s for business and pleasure. It is not a app just for the below 30′s.

Free to use and download paired with cross platform compatibility. The Reinvented Messenger has the base features of any messenger app. It’s cross-platform compatibility makes is app widely accepted in the market. Usually, most messengers are dedicated to offer smiles and free text  messages. But in case of this mobile messenger is very different. Apart from free textual messaging it offers you sharing of images, voice, location and many more. Never mind the free calls.

KakaoTalk cross-platform compatibility

This mobile messenger is supported with following:

Custom status display and free, are two central focus points for teenagers to use this application. Just like Facebook, they forever changing their online status. This app allows you to write your own custom message and make it visible to all your KakaoTalk contacts. Its sharing images and locations that are awesome features of business purpose. All these benefits have played key role to make this mobile application more favorite without promotion.

This reinvented mobile messenger works in a wide range of countries. Download KakaoTalk for your smartphone is the great communication platform for many people. It is given new way of communication to the society and the corporate world. Apart from the social aspect, it is widely accepted by many businesses to take care of their clients’ and provide free and low cost customer support.

Windows Phone Features

With KakaoTalk recently released for windows phone. You can read about it here. We were waiting for the list of full feature for this new version. As per KakaoTalk here is the list of features you will enjoy with KakaoTalk on your windows phone.


Here are few key feature of Windows Phone version of KakaoTalk:

-Cross platform messaging application (WP, iPhone, Android, Blackberrry & BADA)
-Overhauled KakaoTalk’s design with WP’s metro look
-Unique ‘Draw With Fingers’ feature allows user to send hand drawn messages to friends. Only available on Windows Phone version
-Able to export chat rooms to ‘Start’ screen for direct access (Group chat room’s shortcut will display all participants profile photo in live tile display mode)
-Easier menu transition with pivot style maneuvering
-Supports both horizontal & vertical display mode
-Supports jump-list index to search through contact list easier
-User can set their own profile photo and status update on their mini profile

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