An app called, KakaoTalk, and that is a cross platform instant messaging system and voice calling system. Kakao allows its users to send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice messages. Much the same as WhatsApp but KakaoTalk has gone a little further. You can also send URL links, and contact information, both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, all for free.

If you decide you have a cell phone you almost certainly have sent and received a text content before and also probably have a text content program. A bill every month for each text message may happen, but, that you have choices to send messages that is free. Or Even Better voice chat to people for free anywhere is the world. If you have a Blackberry you almost certainly know that already you can use Blackberry, iPhone or Android Smart phone can now send messages without spending a dime, KakaoTalk is a down loadable smart phone app for mobile devices that does that.


Register KakaoTalk

You only need to enter your phone number without registering or logging-in. KakaoTalk you are eligible to send messages and carry messaging conversations through your phone with other users whom have the KakaoTalk application mounted on their phone. KakaoTalk’s ffree call feature is a mVoIP feature that enables users to call each other once the connection has been established in the chat room. It is recommended that you are on a strong WiFi connection. KakaoTalk calling feature lets users to talk in chat rooms, so all requests come as push alerts. Before calling, try sending a message to the person you wish to call. KakaoTalk is most like BBM but provides you the capability to instant content along with other phones.

Phone calls are not free. Only calls made via the Kakao chat rooms are free. Normal calls and will be charged according to your service provider.  KakaoTalk merely enables you to call without having to dial your friend’s number.

The cool thing about KakaoTalk, also is true about BBM, may just be the function to gain any time a message is received just in case seriously is read. You are able to see just what his phone receives and see when he or she reads you message. A  easy confirmation when the message was sent successfully.
Instant  messaging is straightforward and cost less than text messaging with this app. I can easily see over time many people will switch from normal text messaging to app based free messaging. And a rise of popularity in instant messaging programs which include KakaoTalk.